wireless penetration testing singapore

Add a protection gateway to your wireless network

Open wireless networks are vulnerable to malware attacks due to their free-to-access nature. Many users connect to them simultaneously, and the weak firewall and security make it easy to access the cyber attackers. The company’s vital data gets hacked and lost to uninvited viruses and hackers. Therefore, wireless penetration testing singapore has come to your rescue. Secure your data on the same system and forget the fear of data piracy and theft.

We follow five crucial stages to ensure proper testing

  • Planning- In this stage, all information that could be vulnerable to your system is gathered. It defines the goal of the test to undertake and the system used in it.
  • Scan- In this step, a blueprint of how the system will react to intrusions is prepared.
  • Accessing – In this stage, the test accesses the system through the same gateway from which malware intrusion occurs by imitating threats.
  • Analyze- The result of the test is analyzed based on the sensitive data that was disturbed, the time till which the pen tester was able to stop malware attacks, and the vulnerabilities destroyed

Wireless penetration testing ensures the overall security of your data. For expert testing and data protection, choose our services. We are a group of dedicated professionals who have delivered quality service to many business and corporate entities. These testing facilities are critical to secure all your data, and we ensure. Avail of our services online and get instant discounts on your subsequent orders.

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