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Dorm, Student Apartments or regular Apartment: Which is best for you?

Going to a college away from home can be stressful, both for the child as well as the parent. Whether you want to live in a dorm, in a student apartment or a regular apartment is a big question. Let us look at each of the three options.

Dorms are in buildings within the campus of the university. Each room is supposed to be shared by 2-3 students and there may be a bathroom attached in each room or a common bathroom for the floor. These dorms have strict rules and curfew policies that may be hectic for some students, especially those who work an after job.

About student apartments

student apartments melbourne are a multi-bhk house outside of the university campus. Each room in the house is rented to one student and the rest of the house is shared by everyone. The rooms may come with an attached bathroom, or a few common bathrooms in the house are shared by the students. These houses are usually fully equipped with furniture, kitchen appliances, washing machine, etc. Some houses even have wifi facilities but this increases the price of the rooms. These student apartments are perfect for people who cannot follow the dorm curfews because of some difficulties but still want to live with other students and peers to help them cope with the college stress, while also having some close friends. This is also a budget-friendly option as compared to regular apartments, as the rent of the house is shared by multiple people. Typically more the number of bedrooms and the more the number of students, the less is the price.

Wrapping up

Regular apartments provide all the comforts of a student apartment, but they are usually more expensive. And the student has to take care to pay all the bills on time and do the other necessities that are required when living in the house.

In the end, the choice depends on the student and the parent. Depending on their needs and their budget, they should decide which option will be the best for them.

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