Lenovo laptop computers for all your business needs

Lenovo has a laptop computer to fit your needs whatever they might be. Whether you need a workhorse to work as your main computer or an ultra-mobile lightweight to bring with you all the time, Lenovo has the business computer system response at an affordable rate. Seek advice from a Lenovo sales as well as service expert to make a decision which alternative is best for your firm. Lenovo makes use of all the current technology to build dependable, affordable remedies to business computers. They supply the most recent security functions to shield your data from unintended exposure with special sign-on demands.

Lenovo ThinkPad SL510

Rated 3 on PC World’s top ten business laptop computer listing, the SL510 listings at less than $1,000 while comparable devices on the list array from $1,200 to more than $2,000 With all the capability of a computer, this Lenovo laptop can handle all the requirements of many small companies:

  • Dual Core processor
  • 2530 MHz CPU
  • 5 inch display screen
  • 3GB Memory
  • 320GB Hard Drive
  • 3 Media Slots
  • 3 USB ports
  • Wireless Ethernet IEEE802.11 n.
  • Built-in Mic, Webcam and also Speakers.

Lenovo Essential G560.

The Essential laptop computer line supplies approximately 5 hrs of battery life and also a Windows 7 Enhanced Experience that provides an up to 50 percent faster boot and closure time. With prices starting at less than $700, theseĀ laptop lenovo computers are a cost-effective company computer system option. They do not skimp on power.

  • Choice of four 2010 Intel Core processors.
  • 6 inch display.
  • Up to 8GB memory.
  • 500GB Hard Drive.
  • 5-in-1 Card visitor.
  • 0 USB and also east ports.
  • Wireless Ethernet IEEE802.11 n.
  • Built-in Mic, Webcam and also Speakers.
  • Numeric Key Pad for less complex data access.
  • VeriFone face acknowledgment for even safer log-in.

ThinkPad X series

For an on-the-go laptop computer the X Series Lenovo Idea Pad provides three versions with starting weights of less than 3 pounds and a 10 to 12 hour battery life and also various connection choices, including Bluetooth. Prices vary from $1,089 to a little over $2,000 depending on the attributes. All models have state of the art features such as:

  • Intel Core i7Processor.
  • 1 inch to 13.3 display screens.
  • 2GB – 4GB memory.
  • 128GB Solid State Drive *.
  • Track Point computer mouse pad fingerprint viewers offered.

Whatever your company requirements, Lenovo has a laptop computer that will provide them.

Also their sturdy designs weigh less than seven pounds as well as supply hrs of battery life. The newest Windows 7 os comes requirement, yet other alternatives are available they can aid you decide on the best equipment for your use whether it is an off-the shelf purchase or a specially developed laptop computer with precisely the attributes you need.

  • Solid State Storage Drives – These drives are an alternative to standard hard disk drives. They use a flash memory similar to jump drives. They are lighter weight, utilize much less power, use faster operations from boot to shut-down and are taken into consideration extra long lasting considering that they have no moving parts.
  • Want to discover more whatever you need to understand about Lenovo Laptop Computers can be discovered on DSR Inc’s website.

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